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This is a list of gluten-free recipes on this blog for the more obvious types of recipes, such as desserts, breads, breakfast items, grain mains, sides, salads and soups.  This is just a start with this list, but there are actually lots and lots of GF recipes on this blog (check out the vegetable and bean recipes, for instance), or recipes that can easily be made GF with a change or two (such as using GF pasta, for instance).  I have tried my GF flour mix with simple cakes, cookies, etc. and it works just fine, so you could try it (or your favorite) with some of the recipes on this blog.  I haven’t tried it with my brownies, but it would ;probably work, since there is so little flour in those recipes.

I love bulgur wheat and use it often. However, you can substitute millet or quinoa for bulgur (and couscous) in many recipes.  This recipe from Whole Foods explains how to cook millet, especially for a salad. Here's how to cook quinoa.


Pancakes and Waffles:

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