Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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This was our bi-weekly day to head off the island (to the "Big Island"-- Vancouver Island) and do our shopping and "town" errands, visit my mother, and go out for lunch with her and some friends. "Town" is Courtenay, BC, which has, I believe, a population of about 30,000. We try to go off island with the car only once every two weeks, because of gas and ferry costs, as well as in the interests of conserving energy. (When I go to work two days a week, I "walk on" the ferry and either get a ride with someone on the ferry, or take the bus.)

After doing some shopping at two of the local supermarkets, and doing other errands, we picked up my mom (bringing her a load of books from the library I manage-- about 2 weeks from her 91st birthday, she's still an avid reader) and headed to the nearby town of Comox, only about 5 minutes away from Courtenay. There, we met a couple of friends at The Blackfin Pub and had a congenial lunch.

The Blackfin, overlooking the Comox Harbour

We're lucky in our area to have many restaurants where we can actually have a pleasant vegan entree. We really like the Veggie Burgers at the Blackfin because they have a veggie patty AND a grilled Portobello mushroom together, with lots of veggies, on a wholegrain bun. It's filling and satisfying and juicy! That's what DH had, as usual:

I usually have the burger, too, but opted to try the Cashew Veggie Stir-Fry this time:

I got the "small" size, which was huge! It was pleasantly full of noodles, veggies, cashews and sesame seeds, in a sweetish sauce, which wasn't bad, but there was too much sauce. However, kudos for having a vegan option! And, in a pub at that!

I would say that in almost every restaurant in our area (aside from fast food joints), you can find something vegan that is actually good to eat. Even one of the pizza places has a wholegrain pizza crust and you can get veggie pepperoni on it! For a small city, that's pretty good!

We are also lucky to have good shopping here. There are only a very few items that I have to either order online, or get in Nanaimo or Vancouver.

After lunch, we did our last shopping at the local natural foods store, Edible Island Whole Foods Market on 6th St.

This store has been around for over 20 years and is well-stocked with organic produce (local whenever possible) and many vegan products, in a pleasant atmosphere. We always bump into friends and neighbors in Edible Island!

The refrigerator and freezer section

Looking at the section with cheeses, including vegan cheese like "Sheese"

The "meat subs" section

Some of the large bulk foods section

The produce section

Something more to be thankful for!



Anonymous said...

I would LOVE the chance to shop there. My local SDA shop was sold and the majority of the store space has given way to "vitamins" and organic beef - ironically enough, in a freezer right beside the vegetarian cookbooks.


rhonda said...

Wow. I moved away from one of my favorite natural food stores, and I haven't found one as cute as that one in the gigantic NYC. Your photos make me homesick... I miss the bulk section!