Monday, May 23, 2011


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What a whirlwind trip to Whitehorse, our second trip! Wednesday was a glorious sunny day and the leaves literally tripled in a day! Don't let visions of the Far North with nothing but meat deter you from visiting Whitehorse, with its friendly people and spectacular scenery. (And, if you speak French, it's a plus, because there are lots of French-Canadians there-- my DH spoke more French there than he has in years!) You can eat well as a vegan in Whitehorse.  No trouble finding most ingredients and good produce.  Besides the Alpine Bakery, where everything is organic and it's almost all vegan, there is Ruby's (vegan).  There are several Chinese, Japanese, Caribbean and at least one Vietnamese restaurant in town, with vegan options. The Baked Cafe is vegan-friendly and so is The Kebabery, which has authentic Middle Eastern food.

The Alpine Bakery in Whitehorse-- organic, community-oriented, vegetarian (mostly vegan) (yoga studio upstairs)

 Me with Suat Tuzlak, the dynamic owner of the Alpine Bakery

Inside the Alpine Bakery:

 Oban preparing sandwiches

 Max loading the racks

 Calzone in the brick wood-fired oven

One of my classes in the bakery-- lots of interest and enthusiasm!

That's Trena, who hosted us at her house, on the right.  She had biked to the class (she's preparing for a big bike race!).  Trena started the vegetarian society in Whitehorse. We enjoyed staying with her, and meeting her husband Peter, and appreciated her hospitality despite her busy training schedule, and caring for her 2 (darling) young children.

A beautiful Inuit scene on a quilt in Trena's house.

In the center are Alpine Bakery staff members Christoff (L) and Max (R). Christoff is a baker and aspires to be a pastry chef and hotelier. He made a wonderful molded organic chocolate dessert with buckwheat! He now would like to take some of Fran Costigan's classes in New York!

Some of the food (UPDATE: all recipes in my book World Vegan Feast)--

Crispy Marinated Tofu with Italian Olive, Tomato and Corn Salsa (Relish)


Italian Kale and Butternut Squash tart with Olive Oil Crust

Focaccia and Velvety Brussels Sprout Crema (Creamy Italian Soup)

Peruvian-Style Crispy Tofu and Cabbage Salad (Salpicon de Tofu con Col)

Around Whitehorse:

Some of the great murals--

The Green party Office:

An old sign on one of the old historic hotels:

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Brenda W. said...

What a neat trip, Bryanna. The city sounds so dynamic and full of energy. That bakery would be worth a trip up there in itself! And I loved reading that article on Ruby's!!

Had to look Whitehorse up on the map to remind me where in Canada it is located. Quite a distance from where you live!

Berry Blue Toes said...

I attended your Friday class in Whitehorse. I just wanted to let you know how much my friend and I enjoyed the class and the food (we were stuffed!). I made your Sweet Potato Chupe on Saturday - easy peasy and so yummy easily one of the best soups I've ever had. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes :)

Louis R Gagnon/ Bobbi L Rhodes said...

Hello Bryanna,
Just a note from The KEBABery to say thanks for the mention and the link! Middle Eastern cuisine lends itself to many savoury vegetarian dishes, as well since we make everything in house, we control what goes into the food so we can cater to patrons with food with allergies: gluten, dairy, nuts etc...
Come back soon!

Louis & Bobbi
The KEBABery
The Middle East Up North!