Thursday, June 8, 2006


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Howard about to try my Soy and Seitan "Ham"
Photo by Fireweed

I met Howard Lyman (author of "The Mad Cowboy" and "No More Bull") and his wonderful wife Willow Jeane in Grand Rapids at the Vegetarian Awakening Chefs' Conference in April (well, I had met him before, but only for a minute). We had a few meals together and I invited them to dinner when they were in my area. Well, they are in the area now and Howard spoke in Courtenay, BC last night; then they are travelling down Vancouver Island to speak in the town of Duncan tonight, I think, and then in Victoria for the Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association (VIVA) 25th anniversary celebration on Saturday, an event at which I am going to be giving cooking demos.

So, I invited them to dinner Tuesday night, while they were having a little mini-vacation-breather at a B&B on Denman Island. I also invited my friends Fireweed and Mike, who are tireless vegan activists, run the Denman Island Vegan Potluck Series, do vegan catering, and are the moving forces behind DI MEOW, a highly successful "trap, neuter, and return" program for cats on Denman Island.

We had a great time with these wonderful people. Please see Howard if he's speaking in your area! Buy his books, and documentary DVD (show it to your group or friends!) He and Willow Jeane are a big-hearted, incredibly well-informed, courageous, and intelligent people. The vegan movement owes alot to them! I was honored to get to know them better.

What did I serve?
I decided on a "down-home" dinner: My Soy and Seitan "Ham" with a brown sugar glaze and pineapple (just like your mom or gramma used to make!); mashed potatoes and my special "ham" gravy; Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Moroccan Spices; organic baby greens and tomatoes with Vegan Black Pepper Ranch Dressing; ruby chard with braised with garlic; vegan "spoonbread"; my Vegan Key Lime Bars; and, since my husband Brian and I just had birthdays, Fireweed's beautiful and delicious vegan chocolate cake (with some Soy Delicious "ice cream").  It was a big success and we all had to retire to the living room for tea and to rest our tummies and talk alot!

Soy and seitan "Ham"

                                             Vegan Key Lime Bars

Fireweed's vegan chocolate birthday cake

B&B with birthday cake
Photo by Fireweed


Anonymous said...

that last photo had me laughing really hard. :)

Nancy said...

I'm full just reading about it! What a great evening - I can only imagine what great company and great conversation you had. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard at the SF world veg day (my dad is from Montana too and we talked about that). You continue to inspire Bryanna!

Brenda W. said...


WHAT a treat for you (AND for Howard Lyman ... getting a meal of your cooking!!) He and his wife were at the same table as I was at one of the meals at Grand Rapids. I sat next to his wife, so got to talk with her some. Just a wonderful, wonderful couple!! As Nancy said, what great conversation you all must have had!!

Wendy said...

I'm excited about your new cookbook! How about "Bryanna's Devilishly Delicious Seitan Recipes" :)

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Ha! I like that, Wendy!

Jususan, I was born in Oakland (30 years before you were, I might add!), and I am also a Gemini! I also laughed out loud when Fireweed sent me that picture!

Linda said...

Great pictures! And looks like a great time. I only quickly said hello to Howard Lyman when he signed my copy of "Mad Cowboy"! But was exciting, nonetheless! :)

Bryanna, you look beautiful! The pic of you and Brian is my favorite. And Fireweed's cake look incredible!

By the way, do you have a new ham coming out for the e-book???!!!

Can't think of a name right now..."New Meat For Dummies"? Lol! I kind of like the "Not_Meat E-Book" or "New Meat" or "Meet Your New Meat" "Seitan: the Better White Meat" or "Seitan: the Healthy White Meat" Haha, you can tell I want that e-book! I'll have it one way or other! Can't wait till it's available. :)

LInda said...


Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Thank you, Linda! I'm making my list of titles! Keep 'em coming! You know, David Lee, of Field Roast from Seattle, calls his products "grain meat"-- interesting concept.

Mark said...

Great coverage of that Feast, Bryanna... Howard told me how delicious the meal was and also how impressed he was by your home (and the forest around it all!). He and Willow had been excited about visiting with you. I'd the opportunity to make a few of your recipes for them in the past, but none as elaborate, interesting, and probably as good as what you prepared.

I'm so-oooooo envious! The Seitan Ham, in particular, looks delicious. Nice pix throughout your post.

Thanks so much for posting a summary of the meal... next best thing to being there. They are as an amazing couple as you are vegan chef.

(how 'bout: "Simple Seitan: Making Meat with Wheat!")

Best to you, Mark Mad Cowboy webmaster/editor

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Thanks for writing, Mark! You'll have to check out denman yourself one day!

Anonymous said...

Bryanna your seitan recipes are tops. The shift to healthier eating was alot easier thanks to the similarities between your cooking style and my mom's (Euro-North American). I lucked out with "Nonna's" being in my public library a couple years back. Thinking about a name for your e-book (What's an e-book??). I'll send one when I come up with something worthy. I tried your ham recipe from the archives and mine turns out kind of gummy on the edges, yours looks way more firm.

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

anonymous-- I use a claypot roaster now--this really makes a difference!

harlemgrrl said...

bryanna, that "ham" looks amazing! having been raised on a swine-free diet, as a vegetarian and vegan i am OBSESSED with fake pork. not sure which i'm more a-tingle over, the next newsletter or the seitan book... okay, both :0)

regards from ny, shivani

p.s. the caption on that last photo almost send apple juice all over my keyboard!

KleoPatra said...

So funny, Bryanna!! And the food looks scrumptious. How fun to hang with The Mad Cowboy!!!

OshinkoTickle said...

Bryanna, this is my first time commenting on your blog but I am a HUGE fan of yours! I just purchased "Nonna's" and the "Authentic Chinese" books and I am blown away by how amazing they are! Your veganfeast blog comes in on my livejournal and it is difficult to resist licking the screen! ;-)

I am anxiously awaiting the eBook. I am going to toss "Seitan Temptations" out there as a title suggestion.

Linda said...

Seitan Temptations. Lol! That's a good one. :D Think it will sell amongst Conservatives, though? lol ;D

Spice Island Vegan said...

Hi Bryanna,

How funny! I laughed so hard when I saw the last picture. Fireweed was so funny.

I read Howard's book and saw his DVD. Very informative and cool! Yes, I recommend it to anyone vegetarian or not.

The seitan ham is my favorite seitan. I make it all the time. Yum. Can't wait for the key lime bar recipe, too and 'steak' au poivre recipe.

My suggestion is 'Praise Seitan!' for the e-book since your seitan got praises all the time. :-)

I will definitely buy your e-book.


ningostar said...

i just found your site and was just thinking that i really wanted to learn to make seitan... am very excited for your book! how about Serving Seitan... or something like that. looking forward to visiting again.


Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone-- keep 'em coming! I just got back from Victoria, where I did 3 demos for VIVA's 25th anniversary celebration, and Howard gave a great talk and was very well-recieved!

t. said...

I woulg go with "The Seitan Mines". I also thought of a dozen funny titles involving Seitan VS. Satan, but I doubt many editors would want to publish something titled "Prayers to Seitan"!

Linda said...

"The Chronicles of Wheat Meat" or "...of Seitan"


"Bryanna's Manna"

I'm still working on this! Lol!

Linda said...

"Manna from Bryanna" ;D is "mannas" grammatically correct? "Bryanna's Mannas" flows nicely lol.

Linda said...

"Seitan, Heaven Scent" or "sent"


"Heaven sent Seitan" or "scent"

Jane M said...

Hmmmm...all I can think of is "Bryanna's No Harm Meat Cookbook". Not that great I know.

That meal looks fantastic! I've never been a fan of ham....even when I was an omnie but maybe yours doesn't have that greasey aftertaste???? It really does look like real meat!

Linda said...

Janem, it is not greasy at all! It's really lowfat. Delicious. All Bryanna's meats, that I know of, are low fat. The most I've tried other than Bryanna's are always loaded with fat to try to make them good. The thing about Bryanna's is there is actual work (and creativity) put into them to make them tasty! No need to soak them with oil for "flavor" and texture. They have this amazing balance of flavors that come together like pure magic -- or genius, rather. Best ever Seitans! Hey, maybe that's a name, "Best Ever Seitans"! Or that's too common, maybe? ?

Okay, another one sort of like one I mentioned earlier: "Seitan, the Better Wheat Meat" or "Bryanna's Seitan(s), the Other Wheat Meat"

"Glad Cow Meat" haha, but that's just referencing beef...hmmm...

"Wheat For Meat Eaters"

"Compassionate Choice Meats"

"Blessed Wheat Meat" Too religious?
or "Blessed are the Wheatmeat" Lol!

Ah, I'm getting crazy now. :D

Bryanna, what have you come up with?!

harlemgrrl said...

how about

"Meat" Compassion - Savory Meals for Vegans and Omnis


Bryanna Rules In The Creation of Vegan Faux-Meat, Get This Book And You'll Be Glad. Thanks.

either one would be accurate ;-p

t. said...

Linda, 'manna' is spelt correctly, if you mean the old word meaning: 'great, welcomed abundacy of...'
I am pretty surprised to see this ancient Italian word used!

Linda said...

Lol, harlemgrrl, that's funny :)

"Sensational Seitan(s)"
"Seitan Sensations"
"'Meat' for(faux?) Your Conscience"
"'Meat' from the Garden"
"'Meat' for the Planet"
"Kinder, Gentler 'Meat'"
"Earth Mother's (Mother Earth's) Choice 'Meat'"
"Earth-Friendly 'Meat'"
"Bryanna's Choice 'Meats'"

Linda said...

Hey t!

I meant can manna be pluralized with an "s."

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Bryanna -

I think this is my first time commenting on your site, but I've been lurking for awhile. I'm amazed at your creations and the ham looks so real!! One of these days, I am going to be ambitious and try out some of your recipes.

As far as a name goes...the only thing I can think of was some kid on TV (WifeSwap, I think) said, "Life is not all Flowers and Sausages!" I still chuckle over that one.

Take care,


Dori said...

Amazing Grazing:
Delicious Ways with Vegan Wheat Roasts

By Bryanna Clark-Grogan,
aka the Queen Of Seitan

Linda is getting pretty creative in her generous name ideas.... Blessed are the wheat meat eaters and all who may buy Bryanna's e-book, one of which will be me for sure is I fail to win this great idea of a contest.

I also really like Sensational Seitan, listed above.

I'm sure this e book will be great. I had a commenter ask about your gruyere cheese, will the e-book include cheese too?

Amazing Grazings: Vegan Meat and Cheese Recipes to Please the Pickiest Pallet

Linda said...

Ooh, good ones, Dori!

I love word play, lol.

How about "Vegan Feast of 'Meats'"

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Wow! My list is growing! Dori-- that's a thought about the cheese, recipes. I only have a few that I really like, so it might be a nice addition!

Linda said...

"Can't be beat Meat, and Cheese to Please"

"Meat That Can't Be Beat, and Cheese, too, Please!"

"Vegan Meat and Cheese to Please"

"Compassionate Cuisine"

"Exquisite Meats and Cheeses for the Compassionate Palate"
or "...for the Compassionate Consumer"

juliehasson said...

Hi Bryanna!

Everyone's having so much fun with the book names, I had to get in on the act. How about:

"A Field Guide To Grain Roasts"
"The Complete Book Of Grain Roasts"
"The Complete Book Of Wheat Roasts"
"The Complete Book Of Seitan Roasts"
"The Complete Book Of Seitan"
"Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Seitan, But Were Afraid To Ask"
"Vegan Charcuterie"

harlemgrrl said...

"Vegan Charcuterie"

nice one, juliehasson!

Søren said...

There are some very good name suggestions so far - and I haven't really got something to top it - but I'd tip for "Seitan Sensations" as the best one so far. A simple and concise title! Dori's "by Bryanna Clark Grogan aka The Queen of Seitan" is a compulsary addition *LOL*

Linda said...

"The Golden Rules of Meat"

mimi said...

Bryanna - Your dinner with the Lyman's sounds like it was great company and delish food! Howard attended a cooking class that I taught many years ago at HSUS in Maryland.

Re your e-book:

Hamming it up with Seitan & Other Faux Meats

Cooking with Wheat Gluten: A step-by-step guide to high protein meat alternatives


SusanV said...

Hi Bryanna,

I'm coming in very late on this one, but I would run right out and buy any book that was called "Seitan Worship." (Hmmm, I'll have to check and see if it's already been done!) I also like the name "In Praise of Seitan." I guess I just have never been able to use the word "seitan" with a straight face!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryanna. It's me, Randie (you know me from emails and vegsource. *waves*) Just a quick title suggestion for the e-book:

Seitan: Friend and Faux.

Anderson, Cherie said...

holy crap, those lime bars look so good! what book are they from, if any? thanks!

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Cherie, the recipe for the key lime bars will be in my next Vegan Feast Newsletter.

jonathan said...

"Hail Seitan! or 'How I learned to stop worrying and love the meat'"

Julie said...

How about "where's the beef?" or "Where's the meat?" playing on that old commercial...then a second title could be
"Seitan creations for hearty meatless meals"
"compassionate creations for hearty meatless meals."


JodieLeeAnn said...

I had to throw my idea in on your cookbook name.I used to make vegan/vegetarian T-Shirts and have many ideas but I will pass one to you.
Seitan Greetings & Anytime Meals
(Your Once A Week Or Everyday Veggie Meal Planner)

I am also a vegan baker and chef.

Look forward to making some of your recipes.

frances said...

For your ebook, how about:

Seitanic Eats: Wheat (and Faux) Meat(s) for the Masses

ferret said...

For your book, how about

'Seitan-talise Your Tastebuds - Gorgeous Vegan Wheatmeat Feasts'

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Well,everyone, as you can see, 6 yrs later and I still haven't got that book done! Too many other things going on in the intervening years! But it is next on my list and I am keeping the list and I will keep to the bargain!