Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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  Last Vegan MoFo Post!

UPDATE: OMG!  I'm so bogged down with this manuscript that I don't know whether I'm coming or going!  When I re-posted it, I thought it had not made it into the book, but it is in the book (World Vegan Feast)!  So I have to take down the recipe!  But look for it when the book comes out!  I'm so sorry about that!  What a klutz I am these days!

It's so yummy and easy-- we had it for dinner last night and lunch today!  It is a hearty casserole that is a little out-of the-ordinary, but not so strange that kids would not like it!

 Made with fresh tomatoes in summer

 Made with canned Italian tomatoes in winter



jayedee said...

holy guacamole! does this sound wonderful or what? thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This recipe brought a smile to my face, almost accompanied by tears. My Alabama mother was a terrible cook, but one dish could always be depended upon and was served frequently when she asked us to think of something for dinner. She called it "dinner in a dish." Hamburger and no wine or herbs, but otherwise pretty much the same. (She steamed the potatoes too.)I've never been able to make it work vegan, but this recipe may just do it. Thanks!!!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Looks so colorful and appetizing!!

torwen said...

I tried out your recipe (it was still lingering in my notes, but I can't wait to get hands on your book) and it was delicious. I will try lentils instead of minced soy next time since I'm not a big fan of meat imitations. I have to see how it works out. I also cooked the potatoes as you suggested which was good, I don't know whether I would have liked all the fat from roasting.

Thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe; you can check out a photo of my version here:

but you have to scroll down a bit :)