Sunday, June 28, 2009


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The Field Roast cookbook I have been working on with the owner/founder, David Lee, from Seattle, is taking longer than expected, but it's 's coming along! This week I have not had alot of time for cooking or writing recipes (painting kitchen cupboards!), so here are some "teaser" pictures of two of my latest Field Roast Grain Meatloaves, a South African version and an Indian-style version:

This is my Field Roast Bobotie, a fruity, spicy South African-style grain meatloaf, which turned out really well. I have been veganizing this recipe for years, as my stepsons' late mother was from South Africa. The origins of Bobotie (you can listen to the pronunciation of this word here) can be traced back to the influence of the Cape Malay people on South African culture.

A little history about this dish: "The first group of Malaysian state prisoners landed on the shores of South Africa from Java and the neighboring Indonesian islands in the late 1600's. Many more followed in the years 1727 until 1749. Not only did this proud and attractive people bring with them the Moslem faith and fine architecture, they also brought with them a unique cookery style, introducing exciting mixtures of pungent spices that has had a heady influence on traditional South African cuisine. Indeed, the Malay-Portuguese words such as bobotie (a curried ground beef and egg custard dish), sosatie (kebabs marinated in a curry mixture) and bredie (slowly cooked stews rich in meat, tomatoes and spices) are integral in our cookery vocabulary." Source

Earlier this week I made an Indian-style version of the Field Roast Grain Meatloaf:

I served it with spicy Indian-style roasted red potatoes, Indian-style braised kubocha squash, and braised greens with garlic and chile. I glazed the loaf with a spicy tamarind-ketchup sauce, and served it with mango and ginger chutney.

I also made some Indian-style kofta kebabs and patties with the grain meatloaf mixture and they were both delicious!

Forming the koftas on bamboo skewers

The koftas before steaming

The koftas after steaming

The patties before steaming

Steaming the grain meatloaf and the patties in an electric skillet (not shown is the dome lid)

The browned kofta kebabs on spicy quinoa and bulgur with peas, with masala cauliflower.

I promise you that this book will be worth the wait!!

PS: see more pictures of recipes that will be in the book (including grain meat loaves and roasts, sausages, cutlets, grain meatballs) at the following links:

(scroll way down to the bottom of this post to see the photo of the rolled, stuffed grain meatloaf)

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aimee said...

I am eagerly anticipating this book! The recipes you've shown here all look spectacular!

Anonymous said...

ok, this is just cruel! :)

wish i could come paint your cabinets so you could keep working on the cookbook! :)


Sheree' said...

I can't wait for this cookbook. I would love to test for you need someone too. I promise to keep a secret and by doing so you will save my life from drooling all over my keyboard and electricuting myself. :o)

Dori said...

Hi Bryanna! I am so excited to see the upcoming new cookbook. I am looking forward to the time I will have with my new job (which I begin August 19) to begin cooking for enjoyment again vs. no time eat something for survival. (aka peanut butter sandwich)

kat said...

Any updates on this cookbook?