Wednesday, May 27, 2009


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Yes, it was my birthday yesterday! Here I am blowing out my candle with two grandaughters looking on.

I took some time of work for an extended weekend and DH and I went over to Hornby Island on Sunday morning to walk the trail through the Mt. Geoffrey Escarpment Provincial park, which goes from the ferry landing to picturesque Ford's Cove. It was a vigorous 45-minute walk, with alot of uphill and downhill, and very beautiful.

An interesting tree root

When we arrived in Ford's Cove, we walked out on the dock and sat down on a very comfy bench to enjoy the scenery, the sun and the quiet while eating the lunch we had packed.

The view of Denman Island, where we live, from Ford's Cove:

Some of the boats docked at Ford's Cove:

My daughter, Bethany, met us on the dock and we also met briefly with my oldest granddaughter, Savannah, who was just coming off a dive boat she helps out on. We had tea and coffee with Beth at the "Circle" near the Hornby Co-op Store, in the outdoor "Vorizo Cafe", then she drove us to the ferry and we went home. A lovely spring outing!

I insisted on making my own birthday cake, over some mild protests from family members, because I have really had the urge to bake in the last little while. But DH and I have been on the Weight Watchers' Core plan (still are-- almost 15 lbs. gone--each!), so, as you might have noticed, I haven't been making desserts! So, I controlled myself and waited for my birthday! I decided to make a version of my Vegan Almond Mocha Latte Cake, which I had devised for my son's birthday a few years ago, and which was featured in one of my newsletters. I had no almonds this time, so I used pecans (my favorite nut, anyway).

(UPDATE: The recipe for this cake is in my newest book, World Vegan Feast.)

We took it over to my son's house to share with his family (leaving some behind, so we wouldn't indulge further!). The quarter of the cake that is left is going with us to some friends' house tonight to finish off. I will not have anymore, since it is 10.5 points per slice (1/12th of the cake-- a good size, actually), but I really, really enjoyed my birthday slice, I can tell you!

latte cakelatte cake



Andrea said...

Happy birthday! That cake looks like it was worth getting a year older for!

Andrea said...

p.s. I should add that you don't look any older!

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

I LOVE multiple step recipes. What fun this must have been to create. Looks amazing!

veggievixen said...

happy bday!!!!!!!!!!

so fantastic.

the picture of you doesn't show up :(

Azabel said...

Happy birthday!:)

Xiaolu said...

Happy Birthday! That looks scrumptious.

Sanja said...

Happy belated birthday!

Søren said...

Dear Bryanna, here's wishing you a Happy Birthday too! Keep up your good work. The cake looks absolutely scrumptious!


Wheeler's Crew said...

This looks so delicious! *mouth waters*

Spice Island Vegan said...

Happy belated birthday Bryanna! I remember the cake from the newsletter. It looks very good indeed!

Wish you happiness and long lasting vegan blog, newsletter, recipes, and cookbooks (I am selfish, am I?)! :-)

Kristina Brown said...

Happy Birthday and what a great way to celebrate. The cake looks so delicious, Can't wait for your new book.

Happy Days.