Saturday, April 14, 2007


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The Chefs at the 2007 Vegetarian Awakening Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Back Row, L to R: Derek Sarno, Chad Sarno, Tal Ronnen, Kevin Dunn, Sualua Tupolo. Front Row, L to R: Ian Brandt, Cathi DiCocco, Eric Tucker, Fran Costigan, and myself.

I wanted something simple but different for breakfast this morning. I love dosa--Indian crepes-- so I made an "instant" version (as opposed to a fermented batter, which is traditional) and we loved it! We had some with homemade plum chutney and some with a little Earth Balance. Other possibilities would be more traditional Indian chutneys, soy yogurt, soy creme cheese, grilled curried fruit, leftover veggies, scrambled tofu.... (For the recipe, wait for a new book coming out late in 2010!)

For cooking the dosa, you don't need any special cookware. Use a flat griddle or very shallow skillet. For the using the least fat, use a nonstick version, or, if you prefer, use hard-anodized cookware or good old-fashioned seasoned cast iron. This traditional 10.5" American cast iron round pancake griddle (available at Target for under $15) would do just fine:

Here's a Calphalon hard-anodized square 11" griddle for about $20:

(Target and many other stores have an array of different griddles and flat skillets that would work for dosa-- these are only examples of inexpensive possibilities.)

If you cook lots of dosa, here's an electric dosa tawa, sold in the USA and Canada!



julie hasson said...

Bryanna, these look amazing! Thanks for posting the recipe : )

Spice Island Vegan said...

I love dosa! I just had some tonight at This restaurant has all-you-can-eat dosas on Friday nights. On Saturday nights, they have a buffet of South Indian food and all-you-can-eat dosa, puri, and paratha. They call it all-you-can-eat but I only can eat 1. It is so filling I don't know who can eat so much of it. Yum!

I have tried making it too. Thanks for the recipe!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bunch of chefs !

I just voted for you !
It seems that Normam nominated you before I did but you see how we both are on the same wavelength ?

P.S. We started another starter form scratch (just rye flour and water and it is full of bubbles :)
I had to reoder Carl's starter so we will try both :)