Sunday, October 8, 2006


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Sheaf of Wheat Bread

NOTE: I'll be away from my computer until Sunday the 14th!

This is a quick one-- I'm stealing time from my cooking (we're having our family meal today at my son's house) to blog! The photo above is a bread I usually make but did not get around to this year! I'm slipping!

The photo below is of my two vegan pumpkin pies and an apple pie made with some freshly-picked tart apples that a friend gave me. I made them last night for today's dinner.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY CANADIAN FRIENDS! I'll post more pictures tomorrow!


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Tofu Pot Pie and vegan bread stuffing

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Slice of my vegan Pumpkin Pie (no tofu involved!)

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Stuffing patties with vegan Rich Brown Gravy and Orange Cranberry Sauce for breakfast this morning!

SOME PHOTOS FROM OUR EARLIER PERUVIAN-STYLE VEGAN THANKSGIVING DINNER WITH FRIENDS (a test run for Vegan Feast newsletter recipes coming up in the next issue!):

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The dinner, minus the Peruvian-style rice and dessert-- clockwise from top left: Salpicon, a lemony cabbage salad with Breast of Tofu; the causa (see below); the "turkey" (see below); the Port Gravy; and the Peruvian red onion and chili relish in the center.

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The "turkey" roulade with the Peruvian-style spicy-fruity-"meaty" stuffing

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The Causa, a Peruvian cold potato terrine, this time with an artichoke stuffing and a top layer of purple potatoes (The recipe is in my book "World Vegan Feast".)

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Good friend and taster Jerry ready to go to work on the dinner!

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The Dessert: Chocolate-Hazelnut Praline Lava Cakes! (The recipe is in my book "World Vegan Feast".)

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Anonymous said...

What a spectacular meal !! Everything looks amazing, as always ! And it looks like you had wonderful weather... We did too :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog Bryanna ! Can't wait to try the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, thank you for your help !

And I can't believe that your anniversary is also on October 5th ! That is just too funny :)
It made my day :))

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

I know, isn't that a riot! And the same actual day and year!! BTW, let me know if you try those muffins and how they turn out, will you?

It was a gray, cloudy, drizzly morning, but, as soon as we all gathered at my son's house (I got to go home to a clean kitchen--yay!), it cleared and got warm! Since we had 6 under-12's running around, that was good!

It was a nice, relaxed, fanily-filled day, but I'm still full!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful spread! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and website and had to comment.

I am going to have to try that pumpkin pie and pecan pie recipe!

I have many family members who have allergies to dairy, eggs & soy, so they rarely get to treat themselves to most desserts--vegan or no!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the vegan pecan pie and pumpkin pie recipes. Until today I had been wondering how to veganize pecan and pumpkin pie. I look forward to making them and sharing them with my family this Thanksgiving.

You have such a wonderful and informative blog. Thanks again!

linda said...

Wow again! Gorgeous, Bryanna! Gee, my causca never came out that beautiful, lol. But it inspires me to make it again soon. I love the stuffing patties idea; problem is, I've never known a time for there to be leftover stuffing!

Anonymous said...

Bryanna, those lava cakes! Are they in your newsletter? They look incredible! Everything does!

I second the comment, what a great idea for the leftover stuffing. It works out to our advantage that the US Thanksgiving trails yours by more than a month, plenty of time to see your ideas and plan our own meals!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get the chocolate-hazelnut praline lava cake recipe. Does anyone have it? If possible, could you send it to me at I would like to make it for my niece who used to love lava cake (before becoming a vegan). No one knows how to make it vegan-style. Win Dawson