Monday, June 23, 2014


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A couple of years ago I had three articles on vegan protein alternatives featured in Alive Magazine.  I just realized that I never mentioned them on this blog!  I was looking up a recipe from one of the articles to make again, and thought some of you might welcome some new recipes for tofu, tempeh and basic seitan. So, I'm posting the links to the articles and recipes with the photos below.  I hope you'll find something new and intriguing in this collection.

The photos are all by Scott Yavis.

***The first article was "Versatile Tofu: The Kitchen Chameleon", from the June 2012 issue, which featured 5 recipes:

From top to bottom:
Smoked Tofu Cheese Spread with Smoked Almonds
Tofu Tikki Masala
Smoked Tofu and Fruit Wraps with Chipotle Cream
Top: Jamaican Ginger Beer Sherbet; Bottom: Korean BBQ Tofu and Vegetable Kebabs

***The second article was on Seitan, from the August 2012 issue, featuring 7 recipes, including how to make an easy, basic seitan that is used in all of the recipes.

Top: Basic Seitan; Bottom: Turkish-Style Seitan Shish Kebab
Top: Seitan Marengo; Bottom: Catalonian-Style Seitan Stew with Lemon, Saffron, and Almonds
Top: Farfalle and Seitan Salad with Pecan Pesto; Bottom: Baked Seitan and Bulgur Kibbeh (Middle Eastern Meatless Loaf) with Tomato and Onion, and Lower-Fat Vegan Taheena Sauce

***The third article, also from the August 2012 issue, was "Tempeh for Dinner: Try a Venerable Southeast  Asian Staple", which featured 5 recipes (plus one for my homemade vegan "chickeny" broth powder).

From top to bottom: Smoked Tempeh and Okra Gumbo with Red Beans;
Tempeh "Chorizo"
 Tempeh with Syrian Lemon and Olive Sauce

Top: Cantonese-Style Orange-Sauced Tempeh; Bottom: Black-Eyed Pea Chili with Smoked Tempeh



jacqui said...

Oh my! That's a lot of recipes in one post. I can't wait to try all of them. The photos are making me hungry. Thanks for sharing!

Filipino Food said...

These looks delectable. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post :)

spiceislandvegan said...

Wow, I would love to make these dishes! Thanks Bryanna!