Thursday, April 12, 2012


Best Blog Tips

People are paying attention to Buttah! I am so thrilled that Aaron Adams, chef at Portobello Vegan Trattoria in Portland, OR, wrote to me: "Bryanna! We're working on perfecting production of your buttah for our restaurant...once we're up and running on it, we're done with EB and the other palm oil stuffola. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. It makes a huge difference." OMG!

AND, again in PortlandGrant Butler, writer for The Oregonian, included my palm oil-free vegan butter in his list of "hot topics" this week! 

The interest has exceeded my expectations, and we've had just about 5000 page hits on the recipe page at! All of this makes me feel that the project was very worthwhile and I hope that it will not only give vegans and others an option to make a useful and delicious palm oil-free alternative to butter, low in saturated fat, in their own homes, but that vegan margarine producers will endeavor to change their formulas to exclude palm oil.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I just wanted to give you a heads-up that I will be adding some information to my Buttah recipe that I have just discovered. Forget measuring the melted cocoa butter! I, along with a few readers, have discovered that 109g/3.85 oz. does not always equal 1 cup when melted, for reasons that I have not yet discovered. This is confusing, but, in testing, I have found that it is the weight of the cocoa butter that matters, not the cup measure! I thought I would be giving people without a scale an option, but it's not that simple, obviously! (I recommend a digital kitchen scale for lots of kitchen uses anyway. Here's one for just over $15; here's one for under $10.) I will be revising the online recipe to reflect this.(THE PRINTABLE RECIPE IS ALREADY REVISED.)
All the best, Bryanna

I used Buttah in the cake I made for our Easter dessert-- in the cake itself and in the fluffy white frosting:
Butterfinger Cake (recipe here)

I have also made vegan "buttercream" frosting with Buttah, very successfully. It held up well even at room temperature:

Here is Buttah adorning the Colcannon (mashed potatoes with kale) served with our vegan Irish stew on St. Patrick's Day:

We've used it on vegan waffles:
and to brown vegan grilled cheese sandwiches and French toast (made with The Vegg, which I'll be experimenting with in various recipes soon!):
I've used buttah successfully also in scones, biscuits and pie dough, and I'm very happy with the taste and performance.


(For dessert, we had the Butterfinger Cake pictured above.)

Potato, Bulgur and Onion Kibbeh, Sweet Potato and Cranberry Mostarda (I didn't have squash, so I used sweet potatoes-- everyone loved it!)

My Seitan ham with the Mostarda

Rye crisp, raw veggies and dark Dutch pumpernickel bread with my hummous and a new smoked tofu spread that I developed for Alive magazine.

Delicious Brussels Sprout Slaw with mustard dressing and  candied pecans, recipe here.

Have a great week!


Brenda W. said...


I'm so excited to hear about all this wonderful response to your "Buttah"!! Definitely well deserved!! I've sung your praises for years regarding your innovations in vegan cooking and baking, so it is great to see you getting some well deserved recognition!!

Meanwhile, here in my little kitchen, I'll be making up my first batch sometime next week ... the cocoa butter I ordered has been shipped, and should arrive early next week! I already have all the other ingredients.

Kim said...

The clerk at my local coop wanted to know why they were suddenly selling out of liquid lecithin. Could it be??? I now have the ingredients to make this tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. Thank you Bryanna!

Amey said...

Wow, your Easter spread is so glorious Bryanna!!

I'm planning to make some buttah this weekend. I am so grateful to have an option to the palm oil EB. I'll let you know how it goes!

Julie Hasson said...

Everything looks amazing Bryanna, and I am so blown away by your Buttah recipe! Congratulations! I cannot wait to give it a try soon.

xo Julie

JD said...

Thanks for stressing the importance of weighing one's ingredients. I've been using a kitchen scale for several years now, and it's essential for developing recipes and ensuring consistent quality. Europe is way ahead of us in this regard!

Best, Nancy

JD said...

Thanks for stressing the importance of weighing one's ingredients. I've been using a kitchen scale for several years now, and have found it essential for developing recipes and ensuring consistent quality. The Europeans are way ahead of us in this regard!

Best, Nancy

Carmen said...

Hi there! Unlike the other posters, I wasn't waiting for lecithin or cocoa butter, I've had all the ingredients ready to go for a while - Last Monday, though, I finally took delivery of a freezer! I am *so* impressed with this stuff, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it to be actually so good. Personally, I know I'll go for deodorised cocoa butter next time round, the normal one doesn't seem to do much to the taste, but the smell is slightly strange.

Keep up the good work Bryanna! I've been pointing your blog out to new vegans for years, it's such a great source of info.

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Thanks so much for posting that, Carmen!