Thursday, November 15, 2007


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This is home-smoked tofu, but I often use Soya Nova Organic Smoked Tofu from Saltspring Island here in BC; or Pete's Soyganic Organic Smoked Tofu (from Vancouver).

UPDATE (October 24, 2008): I posted on how to make your own smoked tofu here!

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long! There was a combination of out-of-town company (here for my mother's 90th birthday), two close relatives having to go into hospital for emergencies (everyone will be fine, thank goodness), and, sigh....storm season is here again. We had a wind storm Saturday night. It didn't cause the same damage as last year's big wind storm, but we had no power from Sunday morning until Wednesday night.

This time the thunder was positively biblical and the rain came down in buckets! (At least we could collect lots of water to last us until the power went on again-- we have a pump.)

This kind of weather brings out the cravings for comfort food-- and one-pot comfort food at that, as we had to cook on a one-burner butane stove. The recipe below was one that I developed for an early issue of my vegan Feast Newsletter, when I had a craving for a childhood favorite.

If you haven't tried smoked tofu, you should! It is very firm, smooth and tasty. You can eat it plain, or on crackers, or in a sandwich (especially good with vegan mayo and plum chutney!). It adds a smokey flavor that you would get from bacon, ham, or smoked fish or cheese, so use accordingly. There are a few brands available (this info was updated Oct 1, 2011):

Soya Nova Tofu Shop
1200 Beddis Rd., Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2C8
(250) 537-9651

Wildwood Foods makes three kinds of smoked tofu.

Tofu Shop in California makes smoked tofu. Store locator.

Soyboy is from NY and is evidently sold US nationwide-- "Our products are available at natural or health food stores, co-ops, or the natural food section of supermarkets."

In Toronto, check out

Taifun Organic Smoked Tofu is available online in the UK.

Blue Lotus Smoked Tofu is available in Australia

Vegan "Finnan Haddie" made with smoked tofu instead of smoked haddock! (It's a milky, potato-ey Scottish stew, and the recipe will be in a new book coming out at the end of 2010. UPDATE: Recipe here!)

Enjoy, and stay warm and dry!


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen smoked tofu here. It looks and sounds delicious.

I hope that storm season is more gentle on you guys this year.
I love thunder (when inside!)...but now I'm wondering if I have ever witnessed biblical thunder :)

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

glad that you're able to blog again! :0)

I have yet to try smoked tofu, but I'll be on the look-out for some at Whole Foods (I think they carry the SoyBoy brand...)

wow that veganized "Finnan Haddie" looks so enticing!