Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Best Blog Tips No recipes today! It is ironic that I spent the last week cooking and entertaining (mostly family) and cooking and entertaining some more, and I haven't had time to photograph or blog about it!

Suffice it to say that we ate too much and had a great time! I hope you did, too!

Tomorrow is the "last hurrah" before we go back to a more moderate eating regime, shall we say! My friend Jenny and her granddaughter, and one of my granddaughters, are coming to stay overnight, and we will have soynog (with rum for the grown-ups) and various goodies with some other friends. I WILL photograph and blog about that in the next few days!

For Christmas Eve we had vegan Tourtiere (Quebec "Meat Pie"), of course (DH is from Quebec). Dessert was my "Grown-Up Nanaimo Bars" (this recipe will be in a new book coming out late in 2010):

For Christmas Breakfast, we had fried potatoes with smoked paprika, vegan cornbread, and vegan or non-vegan scramble (it was a mixed group) with DELICIOUS Field Roast Chipotle sausage, which even the omnis in our midst were crazy about! (It's like chorizo!)

For Boxing Day (the day after Christmas), which was our big meal, we had my homemade Seitan Ham:

with mashed potatoes and "Ham Gravy"; Brussels Sprout Slaw with Mustard Dressing and Maple-Candied Nuts; roasted sweet potato fries with smoked paprika; Tofu Pot Pie and Sage and Onion Stuffing (half wheat bread and half cornbread).

For dessert there was Panettone (Italian Sweet Bread), which my oldest daughter Bethany made; Butter Tarts and some chocolately bar cookies (which went superfast) that my middle daughter Sarah made, and vegan Trifle (this recipe will be in a new book coming out late in 2010) that I made using Soyatoo! Soy Whip/Topping Cream :

I think there was more, but I can't even remember!

We've been eating leftovers since then! We also had a big meal on Sunday with my sister Karin and her DH and daughter and a friend, and my son Tim and family, and my stepson Laurie and his girlfriend Meghan. It was a mix of leftover pot pie, stuffing and gravy, seitan "roast pork" with barbecue sauce, lots of salad and more roasted sweet potatoes and steamed potatoes topped with sauteed mushrooms and Daiya vegan cheese, more Trifle, chocolate, and melons. There were more people than I expected, so I had to make up a few dishes on the spot!

I'll check in after New Year's with some new recipes and photos. Have a great (and safe) New Year celebration (there's a Blue Moon that night-- did you know?)!!

Happy, happy!


gerda said...

Your seitan ham looks magnificent!
I'd like to snitch a piece of that perfectly grilled pineapple too.
Happy 2010 to you and your family!

Amber said...

The seitan ham does look delicious. Do you have a recipe for that?

Janet said...

What an amazing feast!! The ham with grilled pineapple looks exceptionally marvelous.

Spice Island Vegan said...

Hi Bryanna,

Happy New Year! We just came back from a 2-weeks driving trip to Missouri and back to visit Mitch's family for xmas. I made your Super Delicious Black Eyed Peas and veggie sausage soup and they loved it. We encountered snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain, etc. you name it on our way but we survived. We are home safely!

For New Year's Eve, on our way back, we visited Saguaro National Park at Tucson, Az and were in a 'moonrise' ranger program (blue moon rise) over the mountain in the Saguaro park. It was beautiful! I have never seen a moon rise on the desert and enjoyed it much.


Rio said...

Those sausages look awesome. Are they available in Canada? I've never seen them.

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Amber, the seitan ham recipes was from my old vegan Feast newsletter. I will eventually get that particular issue up for salr, and it will also be in my seitan e-book, if I ever have time to finish it!

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Debbie, I'm glad you made it back home safely! I hate driving in those conditions-scary! Lucky you to see the "blue noon rise"-- Brian would love to see that part of the world!

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

Rio, they are only available in Canada, as far as I know, through the Karmavore Vegan Store in New Westminister, BC (near Vancouver). They sell the Field Roast "Celebration Roast" online:

but you have to shop in their store to get the FR sausages:

Because they haven't got Canadian packaging yet, if a store wants to carry their stuff, the store has to send a truck down to the factory in Seattle to pick the products up-- that's how it was explained to me. So it's not likely that they well be available in the East anytime soon, unfortunately.