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My latest book "World Vegan Feast" is chock-full of recipes that any vegan would be proud to serve on a holiday table.  The following lists are only some of the recipes in the book, but ones which are either specifically for winter holiday feasts, or ones which I would definitely consider serving to my holiday guests. 
PS: See more photos here.


Yukon Gold Potato & Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple-Pecan Grilled Pears

Vegan "Liverwurst"!

Homemade Gianduia-- A better Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread

Christmas Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding)

Mashed Potatoes with Sautéed Chard and Garlic

Rich Brown Gravy

Espresso & Triple Ginger Espresso Cake

Rich South American-Style Hot Chocolate

Pomegranate and Walnut Turkish Delight

Almond Whipped Cream Topping



Yeasted Oven Pancake with Apples

Pain Perdu (Creole French Toast) with Bananas, Pecans and Hot Brown Sugar Sauce

French Tofu Soufflé Omelet

Soufflé Roulade with Spinach Filling and Creamy Vegan White Cheese Sauce

Vegan Bell Pepper and Mushroom Quiche

Creole Grits and Grillades (Spicy Braised Vegan Steaks with Grits and Gravy)- below
Appetizers and Salads:
Vegan Boursin®-Style Spread

“Who Needs Fois Gras?” Herbed Mushroom Pâté

Causa Limeña (Peruvian Tri-Color Potato Salad Terrine)

Salpicón De Tofu Con Col (Peruvian-Style Crispy Marinated Tofu Slices and Cabbage Salad)

Main Dishes:
Rustic Italian-Style Squash and Kale Savory Tart with Olive Oil Pastry

Vushka (Small Ukrainian Mushroom Pyrogies or Dumplings)

Cheesey Vegan Potato Galette

Timballo Di Polenta (A Golden Dome of Corn Polenta filled with Spicy Italian Stew)
Vegan Scottish Pot Haggis
Polenta Gratin with Mushrooms and "Gruyere"

Cheesy Grits and Sweet Potato Gratin with Arugula

Vegan Cassoulette (French Casserole of Beans and Field Roast Sausage)

Holubtsi (Ukrainian-Style Meatless Cabbage Rolls)

Vegan Bisteeya (Moroccan Savory Celebration Pie)

Ma'aluba (Levantine Molded Rice and Vegetable Casserole)

Vegan Coulibiac or Kulebiaka (Pastry-Wrapped Russian Loaf of Rice, Mushrooms, Dill and Vegan"Salmon")

Classic-Style Seitan Wellington with Vegan Madeira Gravy


Vegan Hasselback Potatoes

Italian-Style Braised Winter Squash with Garlic

Sicilian Winter Squash with Mint and Garlic

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Moroccan Spices

Pommes Siciliennes (Mashed Potatoes with Orange, in the Sicilian Style)

Mushroom-Filled Passover Chremslach (Fried potato balls filled with a tasty mushroom mixture)


Vegan Pecan Pie

Vegan Scottish Sherry Trifle (Typsy Laird)

New Vegan Tiramísu

Almond-Mango Trifle with Indian Spices

Vegan Chocolate Panforte (A fruity, nutty candy-like “cake”)

Vegan French Chocolate Soufflé with Crème Anglaise (Vanilla Sauce)

Whole Wheat Soft Molasses Cookies (with Pepparkakor Variation)

Vegan Christmas Biscotti:
Lemon-Ginger-Pistachio and Cranberry-Orange-Pecan

Anzac Biscuits (Cookies) (Including a Christmas Version)

Grown-Up Nanaimo Bars

Vegan Alfajores (Peruvian Caramel-Filled Pastries)

Crostata Di Pere (Italian Pear Tart in Corn Flour Pastry)

Ginger Treacle Tart

Maple-Chocolate Shoofly Pie

Vegan Sponge Cake

Vegan Tort Shokoladnyi (Russian Chocolate Torte)  

Vegan Pastel De Tres Leches (Latin American Three Milks Cake)

Almond Café Latte Cake 

Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Praline Lava Cakes

Artisan No-Knead Italian-Style Crusty Bread Baked in a Pot

No-Knead Baguettes

Mrs. Darling's Alberta Bun Pherogy, Vegan-Style (Tiny golden pillows of soft yeast dough, filled with tangy vegan “cottage cheese”, baked in creamy almond milk and topped with buttery sautéed onions and dill)

Beet Leaf Holuptsi (Fluffy little bread rolls wrapped in beet leaves, baked and served with a creamy dill sauce)

Rich, Fluffy Vegan Bread

Panetón (Genovese-Style Peruvian Sweet Christmas Bread)

Giant Hungarian Poppy Seed/Walnut Spiral Bread (Beigli)

Velvety Vegan Sweet Yeast Bread

Yule Bread/Julekage (Scandinavian Christmas Bread)

 Happy Vegan Holidays!


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