Sunday, May 14, 2006


Best Blog Tips

I should make stuffed crepes more often. I always forget how easy they are to make, and you can make them ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze them. They can be filled with almost anything sweet or savory. Perfect for company brunches, lunches and dinners, or for dessert.

My mother came over for lunch today my DH suggested that I make one of her favorite dishes, asparagus crepes with a vegan bechamel sauce. I used my Tofu Crepes-- they are really a snap to make in the blender and you don't have to let the batter "rest". I never ruin any, like I usually do with crepes! The cooked crepes are light but sturdy and easy to handle, and have a very "eggy" feel to them.

My mom loved it, and so did we! My DH is happy to have two crepes left to take for lunch tomorrow! The recipe is in new book, World Vegan Feast.
PS: There is another version of my stuffed Italian crepes at this site:

Happy Mothers' Day to all you moms, step-moms, grandmoms, foster moms, and moms-to-be!


Jane M said...

Your a mind reader! I was drooling over some crepes being made on the Food Network and darn if I didn't log on here and find a vegan version! Mine are going to be sweet tonight though...and I can save the rest of the crepes for some other inspiration. Tonight it's banans.....

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

So beautiful! How does the crepe hold up to the freezing--doesn't get rubbery?

Bryanna Clark Grogan said...

No, Amy, they freeze very well.

Lady T said...

I cannot express enough how happy I am to have your blog as a resource! I purchased Soy Foods For a Positive Menopause after it was referrenced in The Vegan Lunch Box. Am I ever glad I did!

These crepes look amazing! The sauce appears incredibly rich. I can't wait to try them. You are a culinary inspiration Ms. Grogan!

Sérgio said...

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And want to ask you, if you know some recipe of crepes that it is not made with milk? thanks.
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